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Who's Who and What They Do A truly diverse cast of characters with conflicting motives inhabits the world of Customer Service Intelligence. To learn more about their individual stories, simply click on their images and enjoy the videos!

Dr. Ben Chase, Head of CSU

Specialty: Psychobiology
Special Skills: Demographic Buying Behaviors and Trends Analysis

Ben’s expertise focuses on distilling different types of evidence analysis into simple yet detailed customer behavior models based on demographic and current buying trends. Ben is also a soft spoken practical joker who loves documentaries and civil war re-enactment, and his favorite band is Steely Dan - go figure.

Anna Meadows, Investigator Level 2

Specialty: Cognitive Sciences
Special Skills: Transactional Frustration Analysis

Anna is an expert in analyzing missed opportunities, lost sales and customer interaction mishaps or escalations (CIMEs) through vibrational echo scanning and interpretation. She’s also a video game fanatic and her favorite band is Earth, Wind and Fire.

Deana Lopez, Investigator Level 2

Specialty: Management Science
Special Skills: Internal Policies and Structure Analysis

Deana is an expert in operational research and the analysis of a company’s internal policies and structures with the view of determining their impact on customer service challenges. She’s a math whiz who can’t cook to save her life, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

Jason Redding, Detective Level 5

Specialty: Organizational Behavior
Special Skills: Training and Culture Analysis

Jason’s expertise is in analyzing micro organizational behavior at individual and group levels and macro organizational behavior at the corporate level to help companies build successful organizational development models. He’s also a “foodie” with a weakness for Nutella.

Bodhi Davis, Analyst Level 2

Specialty: Social Neurosciences
Special Skills: Speech Pattern and Body Language Analysis

Bodhi combines speech and body language expertise and high-tech skills to analyze data gathered from customer interaction scanners in an effort to identify the source of customer service mishaps. He loves Sun Tzu’s Art of War and he thinks Paganini was the Eddie Van Halen of his day.

Talmadge Sloan, Investigator Level 5

Specialty: Macroeconomics
Special Skills: World Markets

Talmadge uses his knowledge of world markets to help US multinationals practice sound sales and investment strategies as they pertain to the health of the overall economy. He’s a sales fundamentalist who fondly remembers a time when customers didn’t think. They just bought what you had because “9 times outta 10, they didn’t already have three of ‘em.”

Deepak Dunlop, Investigator Level 4

Specialty: Microeconomics
Special Skills: Mergers and Acquisitions

Deepak concentrates on the US economy and consults with firms during large transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. His main focus is on ethical behavior and the overall health of the national economy. He’s a Godiva chocolate loving poet with a penchant for mixing up words and knocking things over.

Danklidge Dweebokofski, Call Center Manager

CSU Case: Dexter Financial
Special Dilemma: National Financial Scandal

Mr. Dweebokofski’s call center is inundated with angry calls about the scandal. His staff is caught off guard and under trained. And he's clueless. This is a quandary of galactic proportions. An anonymous Dexter Financial executive sets up a clandestine meeting with Ben and Deana to seek their advice. At the last minute she has to host a shredding event. The timid Mr. Dweebokofski agrees to go instead.

Mia Myoh, Waitress Extraordinaire

CSU Case: The Chill Grille
Special Dilemma: Danny Mogle’s Disappearance

Mia is caught in the middle when Hollywood director, Danny Mogle, and his entourage go missing. Also missing are the substantial crowds that frequent the Chill Grille looking for Mr. Mogle and a star sighting or three. This is bad for business. And all eyes are on Mia and all fingers point in her direction because she was Danny Mogle’s regular waitress. When Anna and Jason arrive to investigate, Mia does her best to help. But her best may not be good enough.

Miranda and Milsap Whitfield, Disgruntled Hotel Guests

CSU Case: The Hamilton Suites
Special Dilemma: The Hotel Stay that Won’t Go Away

The Whitfields just wanted to enjoy their Los Angeles vacation. Instead, they got the hotel stay from hell. And despite Jason's best efforts the case remains open. When he decides to retrace his steps, the Whitfields agree to recount the particulars of their stay. Reliving the experience is painful. And during analysis, Bodhi discovers a customer service nightmare more sinister than they can imagine.

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