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  • A Tale of Three Customer Service Cases

    It's 2020. In the glare of the Los Angeles spotlight, Dr. Ben Chase and the behavioral science detectives of the Customer Service Unit (CSU) are about to face the toughest challenges of their careers.

  • Case #1 – Crisis Management Customer Service

    Dexter Financial is embroiled in an unfolding national scandal. And the CSU goes into action to preempt a maelstrom of customer disappearances even as the company publicly denies all wrongdoing and rejects the Unit’s assistance at every turn. As Ben and Deana close in on the truth, they discover that Dexter Financial is heeding questionable advice from a highly trusted source.

  • Case #2 – Internal Customer Service

    In Hollywood, The Chill Grille reports the disappearance of a very important customer. The CSU is dispatched to find out what happened to famed Hollywood director, Danny Mogle, and his entourage. The team only has a matter of days to investigate and solve this customer service nightmare before they miss the “platinum interval” and lose the customers forever. But as Anna and Jason dig into the case, they find out that the Chill Grille staff may have had more to do with Danny Mogle’s disappearance than they realize.

  • Case #3 – Interdepartmental Customer Service

    The case from the Hamilton Suites Hotel was supposed to be a slam dunk for the CSU. But it’s come back with a vengeance to bite them in the brain. For some strange reason their customer service diagnosis and turnaround plan haven’t been approved. Worse still, their methods and motives are being called into question. The only way to fix this is to reopen the case and retrace their steps. The only problem is…someone desperately wants them to fail.

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What training topics do you need most?

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  2. Creativity in the Workplace: 19.23%
  3. Diversity & Tolerance: 13.46%
  4. Leadership: 13.46%
  5. Generations in the Workplace: 15.38%
  6. Time Management: 9.62%
  7. Sexual Harassment: 17.31%