Motivation is a key component in a productive workplace. If it’s handled incorrectly or put on the back burner, employee morale can take a plunge. Most people will drift, from the company’s main focus. And where do those drifting currents take them? Maybe right out to sea on a raft of complacency.

Managers must remain vigilant, because even the best employee can slowly lose their focus on producing quality work. Drift is a huge factor in lost productivity. And here’s the rub: The average worker is very susceptible to groupthink. If one worker successfully avoids completion of an onerous task with some artful dodging, you can rest assured that others will try the same gambit.

So how’s a manager to stay on top of workplace drift? One way is to shake things up now and then. Throw a surprise party just for the employees and watch the fun as the smiles break out. Stage a beanbag-throwing contest on a late afternoon when employees are fighting off a bout of sleepiness. Or, pose trivia questions, awarding the winner a small trophy.

The most important motivator will always be the quest for quality and top-notch performance. When you have a truly stellar employee give them a gift they will cherish: A quality memento they will keep forever!