How many business owners will strongly commit to providing better customer service in 2015?

It's likely if customer service is on the list at all, it will be near the bottom -- that is until there's an enraged client meltdown!

There's a reason for that state of affairs. Practicing good customer service requires a significant amount of emotional energy. We all love a string of successes, but resolving customer complaints rarely gets the same acclaim accorded the rock-star sales team that receives fanfare every single week. Customer service is crucial to business success, but for those who interact closely with disgruntled customers on a daily basis, it takes a mental and psychological toll. It's never fun to be the one who stands solo, without a flak jacket, absorbing the fallout from an unhappy client.

Does this scenario sound familiar? The company's customer service team walks into work each morning, prepped and ready to handle irate customers, often to become exhausted by mid-day.

This is why developing a strategy to care for the firm's internal customers (i.e. employees) is a critical component of a company's operations. Are your employees pulling a heavy emotional load as they seek to satisfy unhappy people? Take a look at their faces as employees are leaving for the day and note their expressions. Are they exhausted with sagging shoulders as they exit the door? Are smiles absent?

If so, there is an effective solution: Invest in internal customer service and bring back those smiles!