From cave walls to the advent of the papyrus scroll, the transmittal of information crept along at a snail’s pace for centuries.

Picture those cave men seated around a campfire, one telling another where to find the best antelope. Or, consider a few centuries later when the knowledge of where to find the primo camel tender could boost a man’s fortunes.

Today we’ve got video marketing! It’s light years ahead of those stone-age methods for pitching the latest transportation modes. Imagine using a chalk-sketched image on a cave wall to decide which beast is the best bargain! (It can be trickier than you think, judging by the results of this video-taped experiment in shopping behavior!)

But, seriously marketing methods have evolved into what can seem a rather complex formula for getting a look-see in a crowded world. When was the last time you were transfixed over a Word document? (Unless it was a ‘Dear John’ letter!)

If you want to rise above those old-fashioned marketing appeals, consider crafting an entertaining, short video with a sassy approach. Video marketing offers a sure-fire formula for catching the eyes of busy consumers.

And, remember that our brains record all the sensory data we see and hear. That means video marketing captures an assortment of rich data you may not even be consciously aware of, yet it is still influencing your decision-making process. Viewing a video is as close to a flesh-and-blood experience as you can get without using hologram technology.

That’s why it’s a slam-dunk training method that out performs other training modalities. (Admit it: Wouldn’t you have preferred to ‘watch’ this blog, instead of reading these eight short paragraphs?) Take your marketing to the next level with video presentations. And, for your next workplace training session, create a training video mixing in humor along with those important tips for increasing your staff’s acumen and performance.

Whether it’s video marketing or video training, both have a compelling ROI.