Savvy business owners know keen competition can arise at any time, wooing your customers over to new products and services by dishing up top-notch customer service. Numerous surveys show that a failure to deliver stellar customer service torpedoes more businesses than any other factor.

So how does a business consistently deliver stellar customer service? It doesn’t just happen all by itself. Training is critical to ensuring employees know how to take care of customers. Even though it sounds like a fairly simple proposition, it’s not. You’re dealing with the very complex human psyche.

Employees have an emotional life. When they encounter situations that prove challenging – such as a hostile customer, a botched shipment that sends a client into a fit of anger, or the frustration of not being able to solve what should be a simple issue – they might get upset or feel frustrated. They emote, and it’s not necessarily a fun experience for the staff person having to look an irate customer in the eye.

The Grenadines, an island nation that depends heavily on tourism dollars, takes customer service seriously. According to information posted on The Grenadines official website, “most businesses understand that turning the customer experience into an emotional engagement, strengthens their brand and results in more loyal and satisfied customers.” Furthermore, “poor customer service can and has caused a chain of events that has had crippling effects on businesses.”

Are you listening call-center managers, quick-serve restaurant staff and dozens of other industry niches associates that depend heavily on real, live human beings to soothe ruffled feathers?

Video training can be emotionally engaging provided you’re not sitting employees down and expecting them to be thrilled with a dry, boring presentation. If you’re giving them a quality dose of engaging video, replete with trained actors and compelling plots, you’ve got their attention!