We’re human, and we feel as well as think. Some of us do more of one than the other – and that’s OK. In fact, this brings up a crucial point for employers. The typical workplace manager tends to focus on reasoning as the number-one tool for managing and training employees. Remember how many of those training seminars you sat through with drooping eyelids? Were they effective? Maybe.

Most experienced managers will readily admit that dysfunctional workplace dynamics are often fueled by emotions, which prove difficult to control in times of crisis. Since we all go through tough times, sooner or later every manager will have to confront the specter of an employee’s emotional breakdown while on the job. Such an event often proves a major disruption for a company’s workflow management.

Burnout is also a serious issue for businesses. If you’ve already held a morale-boosting event for your customer service staff, you know awarding hard workers with certificates of commendation may give a temporary boost to workplace productivity. But these measures have about the same impact as those kindergarten certificates of achievement. You need a lot more in today’s workplace to engage your workers than a gold sticker on a progress report!

So how does a team leader keep on top of workflow management and essential training tasks?

Why not try an approach that’s native to those Millennial workers of today: Video training. And don’t stop there. Put some ‘drama’ into it with customer service training videos that strongly resonate with employees who’ve racked up thousands of hours of viewing life through the lens of televised drama.

Add some positive drama and pump up your customer service staff with engaging video training that captivates today’s young workers. You may find business improves so much, you’ll soon be on a hiring spree!