As soon as you close the sale that’s when the hard work really begins: Keeping the client happy. Unfortunately many a great sale often turns into the loss of a valued client who wasn’t as highly valued as they should have been. Is your work crew in such a stew they flunk on customer service? O.K., we can already hear the groans. And honestly, who has time to ensure each and every client receives topnotch customer service? But here’s the rub: If you don’t deliver on customer service, pretty soon you’ll have lots of time on your hands. Client retention is critically dependent upon exemplary customer care.

A lack of training in this essential skill can lead to lost revenue when key clients lose confidence in a company, because staff members weren’t trained in client care. If not corrected, substandard customer service may turn out to be a company’s Waterloo.

Most managers envision customer-service training as a series of stultifying, boring lessons burdened down with workbooks and quizzes. But did you know you can fast-forward to the 21st Century and leave those stale customer-service training modules in the dust?

This one word has the power to change your fortunes: Games. When game theory meets job training, a workplace comes to life. That’s particularly true for members of the Millennial Generation.

Sit-com style presentations also boost employee interest in training activities, using all three learning styles. Bring out the popcorn, seat your staff in a darkened room and let the show begin. Your employees will receive quality training via an information delivery channel that feels very much like watching a compelling drama on television.

Our quality actors, compelling scripts and the power of story will draw your workers into a whole new training paradigm that uses compelling video and game theory to teach customer service skills. If your workplace is an overflowing fount of unnecessary drama, maybe the key is to add more drama – the kind that transforms how employees view and perform their jobs.

Don’t leave your work crew in a stew. Give them the skills they need to take your business to the next level.