It's an all-too familiar scenario: A frustrated customer left on hold for too long vows never to do business with that particular company again.

As the phone call is terminated with a verbal burst of frustration, that customer you worked hard to acquire walks right out the door, with nary a look back.

And that's not the worst of it.

When failures in customer service do occur, the stakes are often high: Lost business, negative reviews posted online, and social media channels populated with critiques. It's a all-out tragedy for the business owner as the business' reputation suffers and business flags. Studies have demonstrated it takes around a dozen positive customer-care experiences to make up for one negative interaction!

Retaining an existing client is no small feat in today's highly competitive business environment. When a customer's experience is less than stellar, patrons are quick to test out a competing firm. That's why today it's an absolute necessity to have a well-trained, polite and educated customer-service staff.

Part of that training should include an understanding of both internal and external customer service. Most business owners are familiar with the concept of providing stellar service to the firm's clients, but internal customer service provides critical support to employees so they can keep those beautiful smiles. Disgruntled employees can do a lot of damage to a business. That's why you should put a focus on training your customer service employees.