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"The Producer" (ON-DEMAND 1-YEAR)

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Price per Instructor License

Get the same great Instructor-led package as "The Producer" DVD Classic, but with the flexibility of the Cloud for maximum streaming impact without the hassle of being tied to legacy technology. The bundle comes with a one-year license to our secure LMS where you'll have full access to over 45 minutes of streaming TV quality videos and all the downloadable resources you'll need; plus a printed Leader’s Guide, Learner Workbooks and Memory Tiles to boost post-event retention.

Flipped Classroom Option*
And if you want to engage learners ahead of time, choose our “Flipped Classroom” add-on to give them access to the videos and Indie Study Workbook for pre-event prep.

*Valid for up to 3 logins (per learner) for one month from the date of first login.

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* 3% of the revenue from this sale will be donated to charity.
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Learning TV Show On Demand (1 year) / per Instructor (CSI discount)   +$499.57
Leader Guide - Full-color printed   +$22.46
Learner’s Workbooks - Full-color printed   +$13.46
Memory Tiles   +$2.70
    • 1-49 learners for $14.95
    • 50-99 learners for $12.95
    • 100-149 learners for $10.95
    • 150-199 learners for $8.95
    • 200 learners and above please call

    • *Valid for up to 3 logins (per learner) for one month from the date of first login.

Price as configured: $0.00

GENRE: DRAMEDY - in the NCIS, or White Collar tradition

EPISODE 1: 28 minutes
EPISODE 2: 18 minutes

Make an A-List impression with the Learning TV Show production bundle we call The Producer. This loaded 1-year On Demand license to Customer Service Intelligence® will augment the excitement and concentrated power of your Instructor-led training event.

The basic bundle comes with all the online streaming videos and downloadable resource materials at a 10% discount; plus a printed Leader's Guide and printed Learner Workbooks and Memory Tiles for a 12-person training session. Add additional instructor licenses and printed materials by entering your requirements in the quantity fields above.

And to get the most out of your training sessions, engage your learners with our “Flipped Classroom” add-on by giving them access to the videos and Indie Study Workbook ahead of the event.

This comprehensive learning product is built on Trainevision’s Blended Matrix™ instructional design principles, and has an essential recognition and reward component right inside; along with a complement of essential support materials. The report cards are in; Customer Service 101 training isn’t enough to make and keep our companies competitive. It’s time for Customer Service Intelligence. Our "inside out" approach impacts organizations at a cultural level where behavior change is most needed.

How to Use It
It’s robust and flexible. We give you the added support elements you need and the on-demand freedom you want to conduct your Learning TV Show™ from any computer with an internet connection.

To get more details on the best ways to use this product, feel free to contact us at 1-800-842-2974.

The CSI Producer bundle of Customer Service Intelligence® is a comprehensive online Learning System with over 45 minutes of streaming training videos, downloadable resources, and full-color printed support materials; everything you’ll need to conduct an engaging learning event with maximum impact and minimal cost, from anywhere. You can even engage your learners pre-event with the “Flipped Classroom” add-on that will give them access to the videos and Indie Study Workbook ahead of your training session.

Streaming Video Content

  • Learning TV Show Pilot Episode #1 (28 minutes)
  • Learning TV Show Episode #2 (18 minutes)
  • Learning TV Show Episodes #1 & #2 in 10 short video clips
  • Support scenes: A, B and C

Downloadable Resources
  • Leader's Guide (PDF)
  • Leader’s PowerPoint Deck (PPT)
  • Learner’s Workbook (PDF)
  • Indie Study Workbook (PDF)
  • Learning Show Templates (Microsoft Word)
  • Certificates of Completion (PPT)
  • Post-Show Evaluation Forms (PDF)

Printed Support Materials (Shipped)
  • Full-color Leader's Guide (1)
  • Full-color Learner's Workbooks (12-pk)
  • Full-color Memory Tiles (12 sets of 3 Acronyms)

  • FOR LEARNER USE (Flipped Classroom Option)
    Streaming Video Content
    • Learning TV Show Pilot Episode #1 (28 minutes)
    • Learning TV Show Episode #2 (18 minutes)

    Downloadable Resource
    • Indie Study Workbook (PDF)

Customer Service Intelligence® addresses three main levels of customer service:

INTERNAL – Productivity increases when employees learn internal customer service skills through “Team Thinking.” Each learner will acquire the core team skills needed to serve each other with respect; which is the best way to develop genuine and long lasting external customer service skills. It’s based on the principal that customer service (good or bad) flows from the inside of an organization and out to its paying customers. The learning points are embedded in the acronym INSIDE Out.

INTERDEPARTMENTAL – Every organization benefits from interdepartmental customer service skills developed through “Systems Thinking.” Your learners will learn the importance of their department’s performance within a holistic system; thus improving the customer service they provide other departments within the organization. The key learning points are taught through the acronym TAG TEAM.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT – Empathy and grace are necessary qualities for all teams that desire the “turn around” skills needed to recover from bad customer service situations. Your teams will learn compassion under pressure, and gain confidence through “Solutions Thinking.” Once they learn how to take the heat of a crisis situation, the everyday service encounters will be a breeze. The acronym HOT SEAT is used to advance the learning points.

Buy this product when you want the Cloud alternative to our DVD Producer bundle, plus the added benefit of Flipped Classroom option. Enjoy the freedom to facilitate a dynamic and effective instructor-led learning event from anywhere. With the Producer, you can rest assured that basics have been handled in one package; and the video is streamed safely from our LMS. Even if you don’t facilitate training often, The On-Demand Producer package gives you the peace of mind, confidence and ultimate flexibility to produce a memorable event.

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