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ROI for you The Trails You Blaze You do what you do because you want to make a difference for your learners and your company. But let’s add you to the mix. Are you due for a training home run? Or do you have a course buying hot streak to maintain? What outcomes are you looking for?

Keeping your job may well be on that list. Understandable. Finding and implementing great training initiatives goes a long way to staying gainfully employed, and truly appreciated. But if your job is secure, there are deeper issues that you want to address. The continuous improvement and well-being of your people may well be on that list.

The Words You Value Read any training industry publication or any blog on LinkedIn and you’ll see people grappling with the challenges of learner engagement. “Add video to your training!” they say. “Use story!” they posit. “Gamify your elearning!” they entreat. Yep, everyone has an answer, or a suggestion, rather. But what’s the actual time and money investment for all this video-rich, story-driven and gamified Learner enchantment? What does it look like? And after all the thought leading and talking, where are the courses?

You already know that 50% of employees are disengaged at work. And you also know that employees feel that 50% of their leaders are ineffective. Heaven help the customers who encounter these individuals on a bad day. Oh, and what about… wait for it… Millennials? What manner of customer service course do you need to motivate this group of learners?

Video, story, relevance, gamification, ease of use, recognition, reward and elegance of design; what value would you place on a course containing those elements? If you’re creating such a course in-house, how much time and money is considered a worthwhile investment? Surely, that must depend on the strategy and the value placed on the end result.

But what financial value would you place on an off-the-shelf soft skills course that contained all of the above plus a quality of execution that you could never spend the time or money to create? How would you measure the return on the time saved on a course so well planned that your internal trainer’s prep time is measurably shortened?

Everybody wants to hit the training home run. Everyone wants to see the look on a Learner’s face when they’ve been sincerely moved by a course. And the kudos from your valued customers are the true and final measure that the positive behavior change has reached and delighted its intended recipient. Check out the free trial of Customer Service Intelligence and let us know if it has the potential to be worth your investment.

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What training topics do you need most?


What training topics do you need most?

  1. Business Conduct & Ethics: 11.54%
  2. Creativity in the Workplace: 19.23%
  3. Diversity & Tolerance: 13.46%
  4. Leadership: 13.46%
  5. Generations in the Workplace: 15.38%
  6. Time Management: 9.62%
  7. Sexual Harassment: 17.31%