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ROI for your company Assessing the Commitment Calculating the ROI of soft skills training in general is an area swimming with nuance. What value does your company place on a customer service culture? Is training looked at in purely financial terms, or is there a true commitment to talent development?

The commitment to customer service at companies like Zappos is legendary. Every employee must train in customer service. And each new hire is onboarded with customer service training. When customer service is part of a culture, the returns are measured in more realistic increments because the commitment is steady and ongoing.

The Bottomline You know the values of your company. You are better equipped to decide whether “Learner engagement” is a just buzz phrase or whether it’s part of your company’s mission. And only you know whether your company is ready to explore a customer service culture.

Customer Service Intelligence® is a cultural product. If your company is looking for a silver bullet or tops of the waves dip into mechanics like phone skills, this course may be more than you need. It’s designed to trigger true awareness in the department that trains with it; an awareness that touches other departments and spreads out to encompass the company’s products and services, and delight its customers.

It’s designed to affect the culture of your department; to help bring about positive behavior change in all Learners who enthusiastically accept the challenge to be better at their jobs. The word “help” is used because no course is magic. A strong and consistent commitment to the ongoing development of your people is crucial. And that commitment must come from C-level management. Some people say measuring the ROI of training is easy, others say it’s a myth. Whichever side of the coin you land on, the only way to see how the course stacks up, is to take a free trial. Serve Well.

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What training topics do you need most?


What training topics do you need most?

  1. Business Conduct & Ethics: 11.54%
  2. Creativity in the Workplace: 19.23%
  3. Diversity & Tolerance: 13.46%
  4. Leadership: 13.46%
  5. Generations in the Workplace: 15.38%
  6. Time Management: 9.62%
  7. Sexual Harassment: 17.31%