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ROI for your team Individual Dynamics Learners are saying “No” to the training status quo. They are simply tuning out. If the Learners in your department or company fall into that group, what type of course might spark their enthusiasm? Which service skills do you wish they possessed?

Soft skills training is really life skills training conducted in the workplace. The need for tolerant, patient, respectful and compassionate people in a customer service department is paramount. This is true, if only for the fact that they will end up treating your valued customers one of two ways: the way they treat each other, or the way the company treats them.

Team Dynamics Your team wants something new and exciting from you when it comes to training. You can sense it, or maybe they’ve articulated in their reactions to the other customer service courses they’ve completed. Were they challenged? Were they exposed to new customer service concepts, or moved beyond rote memorization to explore self-awareness, situational awareness, or empathy? These are practices and personality traits that would help them become better human beings; which should be the true mission of all soft skills or life skills courses. Kindness and compassion are contagious. And patience just seems to rock wherever it’s encountered.

It’s impossible to measure the ROI of training without measuring the enthusiasm generated by a particular course. But it’s equally impossible to measure soft skills ROI without taking into account the kind of human beings a course is helping your people to become.

Happy, balanced, and team sensitive people are an asset to any department. And they are necessary for a vibrant company culture. Customer Service Intelligence is fun, but it’s designed to be effective and challenge learners on those character traits that are necessary for compassion and great customer service. If you’re looking for a “one and done” solution, or customer service “lite,” this course may not be the best fit. But if the well-being and continuous improvement of your people keeps you up at night, please consider Customer Service Intelligence. If who your Learners could “become” is important to your ROI calculations, then test drive the free trial and decide for yourself.

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What training topics do you need most?


What training topics do you need most?

  1. Business Conduct & Ethics: 11.54%
  2. Creativity in the Workplace: 19.23%
  3. Diversity & Tolerance: 13.46%
  4. Leadership: 13.46%
  5. Generations in the Workplace: 15.38%
  6. Time Management: 9.62%
  7. Sexual Harassment: 17.31%