Give the Gift of Cultural Customer Service
“…the No. 1 driver of intended loyalty isn't location. It isn't price. It isn't product and it isn't advertising. It's people.” – William J. McEwen, PhD., Author of Married to the Brand - Gallup
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Think Differently
Values-based Training is Sustainable

Customer service is a "people" job. Scripts, techniques, and technology touch-points are nothing more than surface solutions that your competitors also employ. Your People set you apart. If you aren’t supporting them with values and problem solving training, you’re missing a big opportunity to engage, create customer loyalty, and improve your bottom line.

Flexible Instructor-led and Learner-led formats


  • 10 video-rich modules
  • Gamified look & feel
  • Game inspired points
  • Badges & Awards
  • Interactive challenges and assessments

Streaming, OnDemand & Classic DVD

  • Full day, half day, 2-hour agendas
  • Flipped classroom option

Superior quality support materials

  • Leader's Guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Learners and Indie Study Workbooks
  • Memory Tiles and Posters
Act Differently
Get 3 Types of Advanced Customer Service

Stunning customer service starts “inside” your company with:

  • Internal Customer Service
  • Interdepartmental Customer Service
  • External (Crisis Management) Customer Service

Break the “Minimum Viable Training” cycle. It doesn’t work for customer service, and it’s costing you more than you know!

Train Differently
Engage with Learning TV™

Employees watch 34 hours of TV per week. If your training video elements don't match the story and characters of television, you’re losing the battle. Invite learners to watch and learn in the procedural style of CSI and NCIS!

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Customer Service Intelligence is a winner of the prestigious Telly Award.