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Slide Top Movie Mints

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A minty fresh treat to remind them how fun and delicious it can be to be on the road to continuous improvement in the workplace.

Minimum Order: 12

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Slide Top Movie Mints

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This innovative slider tin is filled with Signature Peppermints. Add $.05 per tin for sugar free mints. The tin measures 1 5/8”x 2 ¾” x 5/8”. These are long lasting mints. In fact the shelf life is 18-24 months! The lid comes with a full color image of the Customer Service Unit!

Lead time: 4 weeks.

How to Use It
Use this item when your learners have been working hard and they just need a refreshing break from the action. Everybody likes a good mint!

To get more details on the best ways to use Recognition and Reward as part of your company culture makeover, feel free to contact us at 1-800-842-2974.

Buy this and other recognition and reward products when you want your team to feel valued. Evaluating and recognizing performance is an important part of performance improvement. Recognition and reward is also a meaningful way to reward constructive thoughts and behaviors well after the Learning Show as part of your ongoing learning reinforcement plans. When you care enough to recognize their efforts, they’ll engage enough to keep improving.