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Learner's Workbook (Printed 12-Pack)

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This 32-page Learner’s Workbook is a perfect support for your learners. It’s packed with engaging and challenging content and organized to follow your PowerPoint presentation.

How to Use It
Just pass it out near the beginning of the learning event and let your learners follow along, take notes, and write their answers in the designated areas. It’s that simple. They can also use them for future learning reinforcement activities.

To get more details on the best ways to use the Learner’s Workbook, feel free to contact us at +1 800-842-2974.

The Customer Service Intelligence™ Learner’s Workbook contains everything they’ll need to get the most out of the learning event.

  • Agendas
  • Ample areas for Notes
  • Support for all activities
  • Glossary of key terms

Customer Service Intelligence™ addresses three main levels of customer service:

INTERNAL – Productivity increases when employees learn internal customer service skills through “Team Thinking.” Each learner will acquire the core team skills needed to serve each other with respect; which is the best way to develop genuine and long lasting external customer service skills. It’s based on the principal that customer service (good or bad) flows from the inside of an organization and out to its paying customers. The learning points are embedded in the acronym INSIDE.

INTERDEPARTMENTAL – Every organization benefits from interdepartmental customer service skills developed through “Systems Thinking.” Your learners will learn the importance of their department’s performance within a holistic system; thus improving the customer service they provide other departments within the organization. The key learning points are taught through the acronym TAG TEAM.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT – Empathy and grace are necessary qualities for all teams that desire the “turn around” skills needed to recover from bad customer service situations. Your teams will learn compassion under pressure, and gain confidence through “Solutions Thinking.” Once they learn how to take the heat of a crisis situation, the everyday service encounters will be a breeze. The acronym HOT SEAT is used to advance the learning points.

Buy these 4-color digitally printed Learner’s Workbooks if you want to provide your learners with high quality support materials that are on par with the quality of the Learning Show videos, as well as a leave behind that can be used for future learning reinforcement sessions. Or you may simply want to save on printer toner and paper. Whatever the reason, your printed Learner’s Workbooks will rock and show your learners how much you care.

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