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Learning Show Serving Intelligently from the Heart Stunning customer service isn’t born out of scripts, techniques or tech "touch points." It’s born out of personal values and company culture.

When your teams practice compassion, self-awareness, team awareness, and a mix of other interpersonal skills, they gain emotional intelligence.

When emotional intelligence is combined with product/service knowledge, systems thinking and the desire to treat each other like valued customers, your teams will achieve what we call, Customer Service Intelligence.

Mad Skills Customer Service Intelligence® isn’t the only course you should look at. And it may not be the best course for your organization. But one thing is certain; Great customer service takes mad skills. If it were easy, every company would have a stellar customer satisfaction rating. But sadly, most don’t.

It’s one thing to have a great script, but if service reps and employees don’t understand the concepts of internal, interdepartmental and crisis management customer service, they can’t infuse that script with genuine emotion, knowledge or creativity. In other words, if they don’t train on knowing themselves, understanding their colleagues, and becoming expert at resolving the company’s cultural shortcomings, they can’t possibly have the skills or patience to solve customer problems.

And every year, customer service courses come and go. But if those courses don’t work on strengthening the very personality traits needed to feel compassion or better still, empathy, then there’s nothing to internalize. If there’s nothing to internalize, the course can’t initiate the new thoughts that lead to new emotions that overtime, grow into new behaviors. If you’re looking for true behavior change, we’d love to help.

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What training topics do you need most?


What training topics do you need most?

  1. Business Conduct & Ethics: 11.54%
  2. Creativity in the Workplace: 19.23%
  3. Diversity & Tolerance: 13.46%
  4. Leadership: 13.46%
  5. Generations in the Workplace: 15.38%
  6. Time Management: 9.62%
  7. Sexual Harassment: 17.31%